A20X® – the world’s strongest aluminium casting alloy

Developed and patented by Aeromet, A20X® is the world’s strongest aluminium casting alloy with full MMPDS and AMS aerospace approval

A20X® castings are available from Aeromet and a global network of licensees from both investment and sand casting processes. 

What is different about A20X®?

Strength – A20X® is a high strength aluminium alloy. A20X® castings have similar properties to 7000 series wrought material

Fatigue – A20X® has superior fatigue performance to other aluminium alloys

Corrosion resistance – A20X® does not suffer from stress corrosion cracking

High temperature performance – A20X® can operate in high temperature environments

What are the benefits of A20X® castings?

Weight reduction – use the strength of A20X® to reduce the weight of cast parts and improve buy to fly ratios

Thermal performance – A20X® allows aluminium parts to operate in high temperature environments, displacing titanium and forged solutions and keeping pace with higher the temperature requirements of next generation aero engine components

Castability – A20X® provides the benefits of a casting with the properties of wrought alloys

Visit the A20X® Site
Visit the A20X® Site
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