Casting is our business

Aeromet International LTD is a UK based, world leader in the production of premium quality aluminium and magnesium castings by the sand and investment casting processes for aerospace, defence and medical applications.

With a sand foundry in Sittingbourne producing aluminium and magnesium castings, mould size up to 1metre cube  and two investment casting foundries in Rochester  and Worcester, Aeromet has the capability to produce aluminium investment castings from 10mm cube to 1.5metres cube, by both conventional and SOPHIA processes.

Aeromet’s Worcester facility,  is the only Boeing approved European light alloy foundry producing castings by both conventional and the SOPHIA high property process.

Aeromet specialise in the production of avionic chassis’ and housings, escape doors, fuel pumps, aero-engine heat exchangers, air intakes, aircraft canopies, structural castings, fuel connectors, and transmission castings.

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