Aeromet launch new website for the A20X™ product family

20th Mar 2018

Aeromet have launched a new website for the A20X™ product family.

A20X™ is a family of next generation high-strength aluminium alloy technologies, developed and patented by Aeromet. The A20X™ family includes the Metallic Materials Properties Development and Standardisation (MMPDS) approved A205 casting alloy and A20X™ powder for additive manufacturing. 

A20X™ is an aluminium-copper alloy with a highly-refined microstructure and a unique solidification mechanism, giving it greater strength, fatigue and thermal characteristics compared to other alloys. A20X™ castings are already in production for high strength, high temperature aerospace applications and A20X™ powder is now available for use in powder bed additive manufacturing. 

The new site will showcase the family of technologies and promote the global network of A20X™ foundry licensees.

Take a look and stay up to date by visiting

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