Product Types

Aeromet manufactures parts for a wide range of aircraft, aero engine and motorsport applications. Our high strength and large size casting capabilities allow us to cast a range of flight critical and high temperature components that can be found throughout an aircraft.


Slat Can

Fuel Connector

Emergency Exit Door


Drain Mast

Flight Deck Control Column

Engine Component - Heat Exchanger

Aerodynamic Surface - Leading Edge


Aerodynamic Surfaces

Aeromet manufacturers aerodynamic surfaces including winglets, wing leading edge covers and drain masts.

Fuel Connectors

Fuel connectors sit deep within an aircraft wing as part of the fuel system. Aeromet supplies tens of thousands of pressure tight fuel connectors of varying geometries every year.

Engine components

Aeromet casts engine components designed to withstand high temperature environments, including heat exchangers.


Slat or Track cans house actuation systems for moveable surfaces on aircraft wings. Historically these parts were fabricated or welded together – Aeromet casts these parts for several major aircraft OEMs.

Fabrication conversions

Aeromet has experience in converting fabricated parts to casting. Using our engineering, simulation and rapid prototyping capabilities we create innovative cast solutions for complex parts.

Converting Machined From Solid parts to casting

Aeromet specialise in working with customers to convert machined from solid billet parts to castings, reducing buy-to-fly ratios and raw material costs.

Converting fabricated parts to casting

Aeromet specialise in working with customers to convert fabricated and welded parts to castings. By converting parts to the casting process, weight, complexity and cost can be reduced.

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