Aluminium Investment Castings

Investment ‘lost-wax’ casting is an age old process, refined over thousands of years and brought into the 21st century in our two modern investment foundries. By using cutting edge material and process engineering we are able to produce aluminium cast parts with dimensions up to 1.5m3, including flight critical structures and engine system components.

Our investment casting processes and manufacturing expertise enable us to produce complex, thin-walled and multi-core cast parts. The process is suited to a range of parts used throughout modern aircraft – see more here.

Aeromet are one of only four licensees of the SOPHIA® high-property casting process, allowing us to deliver investment cast parts using traditional aluminium alloys with properties up to 30% higher than standard investment castings. Read more about our SOPHIA® capability here.

Investment casting is suited to small and large quantity requirements and we supply customers with volumes ranging from one-offs to thousands of parts per year. For small quantities and development projects read more about our Rapid Prototyping capability here.

Investment casting is a highly efficient process – with near-net-shape manufacturing methods, reduced machining requirements and improved buy-to-fly rations, casting can be a low-cost solution compared to fabrication and machining from billet. We work with our customers to optimise part design for casting, opening new design possibilities and reducing costs.

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